Demaryius Thomas Done in Denver

DT is done in Denver. Earlier today, Broncos General Manager John Elway traded Thomas and (a 7th rounder) to Houston in exchange for a 4th round pick…and a 7th rounder.

Uh, okay. Quite the move there, John. Especially considering he’ll be playing against us when Denver faces Houston on 11/4.

Look, nobody is really going to miss Demaryius Thomas, who is the last remaining member of the Josh McDaniels era. He has been liability for the last couple of years and surely must have been near the top of the NFL’s “most dropped passes” list.

Still, he has been a good Bronco. He put up some monster numbers during the Peyton Manning years and his game winning touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2012 Wild Card game remains one of the best moments in the history of the Denver Broncos. In fact, I’m posting it again.

So what is this move really about? Well, it’s about saving money. Oh, and playing the younger guys. Here’s John Elway talking about it (minus the money part):

Anyway, so long, Demaryius. Thanks for the good memories. But not the drops.

Reader Email: T-Shirts for Sale (guess who they're about?)

Fan vitriol is already sky high in the Mile High City, and it was only a matter of time before fashion caught up with unbridled anger and antipathy. I received the following in my inbox today:

Spread the word, wear the shirt
— Christopher

What shirt is Christopher referring to? Glad you asked.


Nice work. I’m down for at least one of them!

What You're Saying

Since I started this site in August of 2018 (immediately after the Vikings kicked the living shit out of the Broncos in a meaningless—yet telling—preseason game), I started to receive emails from Broncos fans.

Here are some of them:

keep up the great work! I love the fearless hard core and well deserved criticisms of that bafoon Vance Joseph! This team will remain a joke as long as he is the coach!!! He was no where near qualified to be a head coach at this point in his career! I don’t know if Elway lost his mind or just wanted a puppet for his alpha male ventriloquist routine or what, but I hope it’s over soon, because this sucks!!!!
— Jamie

Awesome webpage. I have not been a fan of Vance EVER. Besides all of his obvious blunders he just doesn’t have it. He can’t articulate any valid responses for his failures and all I see and hear from him is pure bullshit. Keep up the good work and I hope your site helps us get rid of him forever! End VJBS!!!

Go Broncos!
— William
Great site — reminds me of the “Let Plummer Play” website from the 2000s. Thanks for infusing some entertainment into this misery.
— Lex
Bless you for making that website. I was hoping that the team would sneak onto the plane while VJ was sleeping and leave him stranded in Jersey.
— Stacey
I actually think the Broncos have a pretty good team and the quarterback although shaky at times, is pretty good.

Coaches need to dissect and communicate during the game. VJ has no clue what to do. Remember Josh Mcdaniels ??, quiet on the side lines steaming and not talking to anyone ? Remember John Fox, running Tebow 50 times a game up the middle with the perplexed look of what do I do ??? VJ reminds me of that, and to be honest not many Offens coordinator amount to much in the NFL. You would think after last year, and now repeating the same stuff over and over, it is not a culture of change, but of a mislead coach not understanding the complexities of motivating, understanding the NFL. When we get blown out next week at the Rams I bet VJ will still be at coach, only because there is not a replacement or fix for the hole he dug for the organization. I hate to say everything is his fault, but geez could he at least yell at someone once and awhile ? Remember when Lindsay got kicked out of the game ? VJ consoled him and said its OK ? Don Shula, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin and others would have been livid and !!!@*%_)*#@%( to Lindsay right on the field.

Please VJ take charge and hold people accountable, and if the defensive scheme is not working, change something anything........
— Casey
Love the website and cant wait for this clown to be fired!!!!! Go Broncos!!
— Dustin

Keep the feedback coming, folks.

More Doom and Gloom for Vance Joseph

After Sunday’s debacle, writers around the web took to their keyboards to speculate on Vance Joseph’s tenuous future. I shared some of them yesterday, and here are some more:

  • Zack Kelberman of 247Sports:

    • “Vance Joseph isn't long for the Mile High City, according to Vegas oddsmakers.

      BetDSI Sportsbook on Monday opened adjusted odds on the first NFL head coach to be fired this season, with Joseph checking in third (+750) behind only Dallas' Jason Garrett (+350) and Tampa Bay's Dirk Koetter (+500). Houston's Bill O'Brien (+750) and Cleveland's Hue Jackson (+1000) round out the top five.”

  • Doug Ottewill of Mile High Sports:

    • “After an embarrassingly bad 34-16 loss at the hands of the New York Jets (Yes, the Jets. The previously 1-3 Jets. The Jets that lost to the Cleveland Browns.), the Denver Broncos need to say goodbye to Vance Joseph. And I won’t be the first, or last, writer to write it, blogger to blog it, or squawker to squawk it.

      VJ needs to go.”

  • Jon Heath of USA Today:

    • “One season after winning Super Bowl 50, Gary Kubiak stepped down as the Broncos’ head coach. Denver replaced him with Vance Joseph, who has a 7-14 coaching record. Joseph’s poor performance has many fans calling for Kubiak on Twitter.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.04.58 AM.png

Writers Start to Question Joseph's Job Security

After an absolutely embarrassing performance against the New York Jets, one in which the team’s supposedly stout defense allowed 323 (!) rushing yards, more and more writers are calling for John Elway to put an end to the Vance Joseph era.

And it’s about time.

  I doubt very much he’s enjoying this mess any more than fans are. Time to end the misery.

I doubt very much he’s enjoying this mess any more than fans are. Time to end the misery.

Here’s what they’re saying:

  • Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post

    • “After another smelly loss by Broncos, John Elway must ask Gary Kubiak to replace Vance Joseph as coach.”

  • Matt Verdarame of Fansided:

    • “The Denver Broncos are clearly headed towards another lost season, and head coach Vance Joseph must take responsibility for the team’s failures.”

  • Frank Schwab of Yahoo Sports:

    • “Over the course of seven days, Joseph’s seat became perhaps the hottest in the entire NFL. The Broncos blew a 10-point lead against the Kansas City Chiefs at home on Monday night, then they were blown out on Sunday by the New York Jets. The Broncos scored the first seven points, then the Jets scored 34 of the next 37. It was a brutal performance in every conceivable way.”

  • Chad Jensen of 247Sports:

    • The fanbase is restless and tired of the excuses. Those of us who cover the team have run out of ways to explain away the comedy errors and prop up this coaching staff.

      After losing on the road to a 1-3 team, I'm not sure there's a single NFL club the Broncos could beat right now, and if that's not an indictment on Vance Joseph, I don't know what is. 

      The 2018 season already feels like it's out of control. The Broncos invested heavily into personnel this past offseason, and it has not paid dividends.”

Honestly, what more can be said that hasn’t already been said?


Mile High Report Calls for Vance Joseph's Head

How nice to see that the well-meaning but far-too-lenient folks over at the Mile High Report are calling for the Broncos to fire Vance Joseph. Ian St. Clair writes:

John Elway should have never put the Denver Broncos in this situation.

Everyone but him knew Vance Joseph would not figure it out when he was given a second season. The young coach wouldn’t make the turn toward success, no matter the assistant coaches or the quarterback at his disposal. The incompetence Joseph showed in the previous 5-11 season showed this mess wouldn’t get cleaned up.

The latest example of that is the most-recent embarrassment for the Broncos, this time in a humiliating 34-16 loss to the bad New York Jets. Denver is now 2-3 on the season, and have lost three-straight games. The Broncos are also now 1-11 in their last 12 road games, and 1-6 in their last eight in the East Coast.
  Oooh! The anger is palpable! I love it!

Oooh! The anger is palpable! I love it!

Of course, I’ve been saying this since preseason…but it’s nice to see that others are coming along. Finally.


Broncos dominated and humiliated by Jets

In what should be a surprise to absolutely nobody, the Broncos lost to the Jets today, 34-16. And had it not been for a miraculous tackle at the 1 yard line by Courtland Sutton, New York’s Marcus Maye would have taken a Case Keenum interception 104 yards to the house and made it 40-16. But alas, he could not not, and so as time expired he was left with the longest non-scoring INT in NFL history.

  Say hello to our worst loss so far.

Say hello to our worst loss so far.

What’s sad is that I was rooting for Maye to complete his journey so that the Jets would be the first team to hang 40 points on the pathetic 2018 Broncos. While that might sound traitorous to Denver faithful, I know in my heart that when opposing teams hang 40 on the Broncos, the fanbase gets seriously agitated, which means that Vance Joseph’s termination of employment grows nearer and nearer.

And similar to how devout Christians study modern day events and draw parallels to the events depicted in the book of Revelation—events that herald the day of Christ’s return to Earth, I now look forward to opponents—even division rivals—dropping an obscene amount of points on my beloved team. Those are my signs that the merciful end is near.

But let’s talk about today’s game; or rather, let me throw some bullet points down for you that highlight just how pathetic this loss was:

  • Denver’s supposedly “championship caliber” defense allowed 500+ yards of offense.

  • 323 of those 500+ yards of offense were allowed on the ground.

  • While his numbers (10/22 for 198 yards) weren't great, Sam Darnold tossed three TDs against the Broncos “Free Fly Zone.”

  • Case Keenum and the Denver offense looked flaccid, flailing and completely inept, scoring their 2nd lowest amount of points so far this season.

  • Colby Wadman, former pizza delivery boy turned Broncos’s punter, looked mediocre and, at one point, booted a 20 yard turd.

  • As the Jets’ momentum surged, Denver was unable to respond, opting instead for a fetal position strategy—a signature trait of the Joseph-coached Broncos.

  • Unsurprisingly, Vance “Please Fire Me Now” Joseph looked out of his depth as he frowned, grimaced and looked like an all-pro idiot on the sidelines.

At this point, it’s fair to say that Gary Kubiak farting into a Bose headset would do a better job getting results from this pathetic team of underachievers.

So with five games in the books, what can we objectively and factually say about the 2018 Broncos? Well…

  1. They can’t win at home against good teams. Proof: the Chiefs game.

  2. They can’t win on the road against okay teams: Proof: Jets and Ravens games

  3. They can win at home against okay/bad teams. Proof: Seahawks and Raiders games.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

I offer my sincerest condolences for those of you that haven’t already listed your Broncos tickets on StubHub, because the secret (ha!) is out about these Broncos: the death spiral has begun.