QUESTION: Why do you hate Vance Joseph?

ANSWER: I don't. I just think he is a terrible coach that needs to be fired.

QUESTION: Why do you hate the Denver Broncos?

ANSWER: I don't. If I did, I would have created a website which advocates the idea of making Vance Joseph "coach for life."

QUESTION: A real fan cheers for their team through thick and thin, regardless of what their record is or who is coaching them...so why did you create this negative site?

ANSWER: Because "real fans" don't tolerate the kind of garbage product that Coach Joseph fielded in 2017.

QUESTION: Is Vance Joseph worse than Josh McDaniels?

ANSWER: 100% yes. Despite his brazen attitude and Spygate 2 shenanigans, Josh McDaniels has a brilliant football mind. There's a reason they're keeping him around in New England. And don't forget the good things Josh did for the Broncos, like chasing whiny brat Jay Cutler out of town and drafting Demaryius Thomas. I could also say drafting Tim Tebow, who was loads of fun in 2011...but we know how that ended.

QUESTION: Do you honestly think this site will inspire the Broncos to fire Vance Joseph?

ANSWER: Hopefully, yes. If the Broncos come out looking like shit on opening day, the more pressure that fans put on the front office, the better. If I'm a part of that...so be it.

QUESTION: Do you want Vance Joseph to fail?

ANSWER: No, not at all. I would love for Vance to become a coaching powerhouse that leads the Broncos to multiple Super Bowl wins. But it just won't happen. 

QUESTION: What if Vance Joseph leads the Broncos to multiple Super Bowl wins?

ANSWER: I will feel like a fucking idiot and will write a letter of apology to Vance Joseph. I'll then proceed to create a Vance Joseph fan page. 

I hope this clears things up.