What You're Saying

Since I started this site in August of 2018 (immediately after the Vikings kicked the living shit out of the Broncos in a meaningless—yet telling—preseason game), I started to receive emails from Broncos fans.

Here are some of them:

keep up the great work! I love the fearless hard core and well deserved criticisms of that bafoon Vance Joseph! This team will remain a joke as long as he is the coach!!! He was no where near qualified to be a head coach at this point in his career! I don’t know if Elway lost his mind or just wanted a puppet for his alpha male ventriloquist routine or what, but I hope it’s over soon, because this sucks!!!!
— Jamie

Awesome webpage. I have not been a fan of Vance EVER. Besides all of his obvious blunders he just doesn’t have it. He can’t articulate any valid responses for his failures and all I see and hear from him is pure bullshit. Keep up the good work and I hope your site helps us get rid of him forever! End VJBS!!!

Go Broncos!
— William
Great site — reminds me of the “Let Plummer Play” website from the 2000s. Thanks for infusing some entertainment into this misery.
— Lex
Bless you for making that website. I was hoping that the team would sneak onto the plane while VJ was sleeping and leave him stranded in Jersey.
— Stacey
I actually think the Broncos have a pretty good team and the quarterback although shaky at times, is pretty good.

Coaches need to dissect and communicate during the game. VJ has no clue what to do. Remember Josh Mcdaniels ??, quiet on the side lines steaming and not talking to anyone ? Remember John Fox, running Tebow 50 times a game up the middle with the perplexed look of what do I do ??? VJ reminds me of that, and to be honest not many Offens coordinator amount to much in the NFL. You would think after last year, and now repeating the same stuff over and over, it is not a culture of change, but of a mislead coach not understanding the complexities of motivating, understanding the NFL. When we get blown out next week at the Rams I bet VJ will still be at coach, only because there is not a replacement or fix for the hole he dug for the organization. I hate to say everything is his fault, but geez could he at least yell at someone once and awhile ? Remember when Lindsay got kicked out of the game ? VJ consoled him and said its OK ? Don Shula, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin and others would have been livid and !!!@*%_)*#@%( to Lindsay right on the field.

Please VJ take charge and hold people accountable, and if the defensive scheme is not working, change something anything........
— Casey
Love the website and cant wait for this clown to be fired!!!!! Go Broncos!!
— Dustin

Keep the feedback coming, folks.