Broncos shellacked by Vikings in Preseason Mess

"It is happening again."

Those famous words were spoken by The Giant in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, right before the evil spirit known as Bob took hold of Leland Palmer, who then proceeded to gruesomely murder Maddy Ferguson.

While the surreal, artsy-fartsy Twin Peaks is about the furthest thing imaginable from NFL Preseason Football, The Giant's words ring true for fans of the Denver Broncos after last night's 42-28 beatdown, courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings, a team with plenty of reasons for optimism heading into the 2018 NFL Season.

  The Giant, Twin Peaks' prophet of doom.

The Giant, Twin Peaks' prophet of doom.

Having watched the entire game, I am still trying to figure out what was most embarrassing:

Oh, they're all such good choices! How can I just pick one?

I know, I's just preseason football, but as The Gazette's Paul Klee put it:

Forever, I’m worried about a team coached by Joseph. It’s just preseason. I get it. But the only number we have to work with is 5-11. Right now that’s Joseph’s resume, which makes for a tortilla-slim margin for error. There’s been nothing to this point to suggest he’s the right guy. In Pat Bowlen’s time as owner, the Broncos and Houston Rockets are the only teams in pro sports to avoid back-to-back losing seasons.

And he's right, of course. With Vance Joseph at the helm, things will only get worse. Make no mistake, the Broncos looked awful last night. They were outclassed, outcoached and out-physical'd, which were three earmarks of the 2017 Denver Broncos.

God help us all.