MHR: "It's time for Vance Joseph to take control of the Denver Broncos"

Despite the encouraging headline, this Mile High Report editorial by Jess Place is actually quite negative. And with good reason. Jess writes:

One preseason game does not a season make, but let’s be real. On the heels of two sub-par seasons, Saturday night’s Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos game was downright frightening.

Last year, I railed against Broncos head coach Vance Joseph for not taking the reigns of the team forcefully enough. Poor play from Trevor Siemian, Isaiah McKenzie, and others was allowed to fester and persist long after identified. It was too little too late and by the time changes were made, the impacts negligible because the season was already a total loss.
  Get used to seeing this in 2018. A lot.

Get used to seeing this in 2018. A lot.

Correctamundo. The Vikings/Broncos game was a telltale sign that Coach Joseph still doesn't have his shit together.  Jess concludes:

If Vance does the same things, the results at season’s end will be the same as it was last year. He needs to find his voice and light some fires or it’s going to be a long season.

Well, allow me to say this: it will be a long season, because Coach Joseph doesn't get it. He bluffed his way past Elway and Ellis and into the role of head coach for the Denver Broncos, but there's no more bluffing.

Vance Joseph is not NFL head coach material. Welcome to another losing season, Denver faithful.