Vance Joseph Suddenly Cares About Being Competitive


In the least shocking news of the week, 1st Round MegaBust Paxton Lynch was demoted to the team's No. 3 QB. Given how terrible Lynch has looked in practice and preseason and, well, all the time, this move was entirely necessary for the Broncos to ensure barely competent QB play when Case Keenum inevitably gets injured this year. Chad Kelly, savor the moment!

Now here is where things get shocking. When asked about Paxton's frustration with being demoted, Vance Joseph had this to say:

(Lynch) is upset, he didn’t like it, he wants to know why (he was demoted) and he’s got to play better. Simple as that, it’s a competition. No one’s not playing their best players.

Stop the presses, ladies and gentleman. Vance "Leader of Men" Joseph has just recognized that sub-par play (or in Lynch's case, "sub-shitty") is not acceptable for a professional football team accustomed to winning.

My God. Is this a breakthrough? Has Vance Joseph seen the error of his ways?

Ha ha. Don't kid yourself. Vance is just trying to appease the bloodthirsty press and even more bloodthirsty fanbase. The only thing Vance has figured out is that he is in over his head with nowhere to run and no one to blame.