Broncos Beat Redskins 29-17, Overreactions Abound

  Apparently, beating a banged-up Redskins team in preseason = "Business, handled."

Apparently, beating a banged-up Redskins team in preseason = "Business, handled."

Hooray! The Broncos beat the hapless, helpless, hopeless and horribly injured Redskins in last night's dominant 29-17 win. And after looking at some of the reactions on Facebook and Mile High Report, you'd think that Broncos' fans have forgotten the team is still being coached by Vance "5-11" Joseph.

Well, I haven't.

Here's largely why I'm not impressed by the win:

  • The Redskins weren't a good team last year.
  • The Redskins no longer have Kirk Cousins.
    • While Alex Smith is a solid QB, anyone telling you that he is an upgrade over Cousins is A) drunk, B) stupid, or C) Alex Smith's Mom.
    • It's clear that Smith is still learning how to work with his new offense.
  • Case Keenum still hasn't tossed a TD.
    • This strikes me as a problem since, you know, QBs should occasionally throw a TD pass to help the team score points and win games. 
      • And if he can't throw it against the Redskins' defense....
  • Run defense was gashed by Adrian Peterson last night.
  • Secondary depth will be problematic.
    • Sorry, but we've got some scrubs there.

Before you accuse me of ignoring last night's positive developments, allow me to acknowledge them:

And, hey, a win is a win...even if it is just the preseason. But, for me, it's just not enough to quell my fears. Vance Joseph is still the head coach, and until he can show competence, resilience and sound strategy, I'm not buying what he is selling.