Broncos/Cardinals, Paxton Lynch and thoughts on the upcoming season

I meant to write and publish this last week but I just couldn't give enough shits to do so, especially since I was right in the middle of a Super Metroid play through on my new SNES Classic. It's how I celebrated the Labor Day Weekend.

So where to start? Well, the Broncos beat the Cardinals 21-10, so there's that. And what did we learn? Not a goddamn thing. Nothing came from this game. Paxton Lynch had a good outing, which saved his job for about a day, until he was cut by John Elway (thank God) once Kevin Hogan was claimed off waivers.

  Who cares!?

Who cares!?

So, yeah, that's why I didn't post anything. There was nothing to post about. The game was lackluster and I didn't care. Sure, I could have posted something nasty about first round mega-bust Paxton Lynch but that would have been cruel. And since his football career is basically over, I don't want to be accused of hitting a man when he's down.

Anyway, the whole game was just a big bunch of nothing and the scant words I've typed out here are already too much.

Now where does that leave us? Well, the 2018 NFL Season kicks off on Thursday, with the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting Dan Quinn's Atlanta Falcons. Of course, those are two NFC teams, and I don't really care about either of them. But in the spirit of America's Game(?), I wouldn't be surprised to see Dynamite Dan walk away with that one. Remember, the Atlanta Falcons damn near won the Divisional round against the Eagles earlier this year.

But onto the Broncos. 

There's just no way around it: the Broncos are going to suck. But to what degree? Well, I think they'll be better than 5-11, but only two games better, meaning 7-9. This, of course, means that the Broncos will have two losing seasons in a row, which has never happened in the Pat Bowlen era.

  Your 2018 Denver Broncos, everyone!

Your 2018 Denver Broncos, everyone!

So when will Vance Joseph be fired? Depends. If the Broncos get blown out repeatedly, look for Joseph to be fired immediately. That's a no brainer. If the games are competitive, he'll be fired in January. Also a no-brainer.

So what about Opening Day against the Seahawks? Well, Seattle isn't the same team it was just a couple of years ago. I wouldn't be surprised to see Denver get a win here, which will lead a large portion of the Denver fanbase to proclaim that the Broncos are back in the saddle.

But I won't be one of them, because I haven't forgotten last year, and I haven't forgotten who still coaches this team. And it's really that simple. No amount of September Magic will change my mind, either.

But, hey, prove me wrong, Coach Joseph. Make the playoffs this year and I'll take down this site and put up a fan page (in your honor, of course) in its place.

Seriously. I'm good for it.