Broncos Survive Seahawks...Barely

Last week, I wrote the following:

So what about Opening Day against the Seahawks? Well, Seattle isn’t the same team it was just a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Denver get a win here, which will lead a large portion of the Denver fanbase to proclaim that the Broncos are back in the saddle.
Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.31.30 PM.png

Well, they got a win. A sloppy win, and against a team that was playing just as sloppy as they were. People can hoot and holler all they want about this year's Broncos, but that would be incredibly premature, in my opinion. Sure, a "W" in better than an "L", but there are problems galore with this team:

  • Case Keenum looks like a slightly less talented Jake Plummer. He will amaze and infuriate from play to play. Today's three TD/three INT performance should tell you all you need to know.
  • The defense has issues. Chubb and Miller are fun to watch, but the rest of the unit concerns me. Blown coverage, pathetic tackling and half-hearted efforts abound. Will Dissly made an absolute mockery of the Broncos's D during the game.
  • Penalties out the wazoo. 7 for 60 yards? Any thoughts, Coach Joseph?

But just to show you I'm not a complete Debbie Downer:

 I find it literally impossible to NOT cheer for this kid.

I find it literally impossible to NOT cheer for this kid.

But does any of that make me want to reconsider my 7-9 prediction for the 2018 Denver Broncos?

No, not really. It's clear that the Broncos are an improved team but not on a worst to first level, which is what many fans are hoping for. If anything, this win is eerily reminiscent of last year's Broncos/Chargers Monday Night Football opener. And we all know how last season unravelled.

Just ask yourself this: if the game had been in Seattle, would the Broncos have won it? 

I doubt it.