Why vance deserves it


Vance must go

Simply put, this site was established out of sheer frustration and desperation. Vance Joseph getting to coach another year with the Denver Broncos is proof of God or Satan, and I'm leaning toward the latter.

Vance is in way over his head, has no idea what the hell he is doing, and it's time for him to go.



2017: it sucked

The 2017 NFL Season was one of the absolute worst for the Denver Broncos in their illustrious 50+ year history. Their defense was bad, their offense was atrocious, and their special teams were undoubtedly one of the worst units in NFL history.


Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 2.03.51 PM.png


Because of their pathetic play and dismal coaching, the Broncos were routinely humiliated on the field, including a 51-23 beatdown at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by a 41-16 drubbing by the New England Patriots just one week later. Lost on no one was the fact that both of those teams went on to Super Bowl LII, showing the world just how far the Broncos had fallen since Gary Kubiak left.


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Blanked in Carson

Oh, and how about the goose egg the Broncos laid against the Chargers in Carson, California? It was the first time they had been shut out in 25 years. 



Who is to blame?

Many fans will rightfully point out that John Elway hasn't done much of anything since Peyton Manning left town, and that his personnel moves have been a) puzzling and b) thoroughly awful.

Guess what? They're right. John Elway shoulders a good amount of the blame, but he's NOT the guy making sure that the coaches and players are ready on game day. 

That's Vance Joseph. And Vance Joseph isn't getting it done. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 2.41.02 PM.png

Need more proof?

Look no further than the Week 6 Giants @ Broncos debacle for proof of Vance's inability to lead a team.

The 0-5 Giants marched into Mile High Stadium and bullied the 3-1 Broncos up and down the field. Denver looked flat, lifeless and completely unprepared for the intensity that New York brought.

"But upsets happen all the time," you say. True. But please remember the Broncos were coming off their freaking bye week, and the Giants were playing with an ungodly amount of injuries and were starting all of their backup receivers.

Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe this loss.



Clueless in Denver

And what about the rest of Vance's mistakes, like refusing to bench Trevor Siemian week after week after week until it was already too late?

Or how about his inability to recognize Kyle Sloter's talent? Given how weak Denver's QB situation was, along with the flashes of brilliance Sloter showed in the preseason, how did he not even make the team?

And then there's the scapegoating of Mike McCoy, which was a chickenshit move that yielded no results. Making matters worse, Brock Olivo got to finish the season, despite his special teams being one of the league's laughingstocks. 

All of this paints a very bleak picture of Vance Joseph's head coaching ability.


Fire Vance Joseph

The Broncos will not succeed as long as Vance Joseph is the head coach. Young talent will not develop. Veteran talent will waste away. The team will, at best, compete for 3rd or 4th place in the AFC West. 

As we all know, Josh McDaniels was fired in 2010 for an atrocious record and the now-infamous Spygate 2 fiasco, which involved the secret taping of a San Francisco 49ers' practice session in London, England.

The only thing McDaniels has on Joseph is the scandal, but given the allegations of sexual assault made against Joseph in 2004, it wouldn't be entirely shocking for something to emerge later on down the line that taints both him and the Broncos for good.

Quite frankly, anything short of a playoff berth should cost Vance Joseph his job.